Cosmo Companion™ with Methylfolate – Alcohol Defense


Alcohol consumption, much like an MTHFR mutation or variation, blocks your body’s ability to convert Folic Acid into Methylfolate, a critical component for cellular health and proper cell regeneration. Cosmo Companion contains the active form of Methylfolate to bypass this problem, and also features a potent detoxification and liver function formula that makes it the most powerful companion to arm yourself against the negative effects of drinking alcohol.

  • For casual drinkers and those who consume alcohol regularly
  • Excellent solution for anyone with an MTHFR gene mutation or variation
  • Contains active methylfolate to support cellular health and correct regeneration
  • Reduces Alcohol induced nutrient deficiency
  • Supports liver function and detoxification
  • Supports Alcohol metabolism and glucose stability
  • Comes packed with 15 other essential ingredients
  • Free of Estrogen & Hormones! Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy-Free & Gluten-Free

2-Month Supply
60 Tablets
Exclusively from Pink Lotus Canada

Cosmo Companion is currently only available from the Pink Lotus Elements USA store and can be purchased there with Canadian delivery. We are working hard to make this popular product available directly from our Canada store. Please subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know as soon as it is available.

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