LaVie Breast Lactation Massager – Unclog Your Milk Ducts


Improve milk flow, unblock your clogged ducts and reduce breast ailments! This must-have product for breastfeeding moms is waterproof and rechargeable, so it’s ready to use when and where moms need it. Plus, the LaVie Lactation Massager is easy to take on the road with its travel lock, USB charger, and carrying case.

  • Relief from plugged ducts and engorgement
  • Faster milk letdown
  • Improved milk flow
  • Increased pumping output
  • Empties the breast faster
  • Softens the breast for better latching

Rechargable & Waterproof
Available in 2 Colors

Shipping Update: New inventory is on the way and we expect to start shipping back out in early August. Please plan accordingly. Thank you!


Category: Personal Care
Brand: LaVie

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