Menopause Miracle™ – Discounted Auto Ship Subscription

$44.95 / month

The cheapest way to purchase Menopause Miracle. Put your orders on auto pilot and save money & time by signing up for our monthly auto ship subscription. Receive your Menopause Miracle bottle every month without having to sign into your store account, or bundle your subscription with other products for further savings and reduced shipping charges.

  • Automated order processing every month – no need to sign in.
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  • Your payment is charged automatically to your preferred payment method.

Monthly Subscription
Exclusively from Pink Lotus Elements Canada

This discounted subscription for Menopause Miracle gives you a hassle-free and easy auto-ship option to have your product delivered every month. Subscriptions are active until cancelled, and renew monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time via your Account dashboard. You can also bundle your subscription with other products to save more and minimize shipping charges.