How fast will my order be delivered?


In today’s busy world, we all want our orders delivered as fast as possible. Competing with Amazon’s multi billion-dollar shipping capabilities is next to impossible. Having said that, we have worked hard on our logistics and fulfillment infrastructure to get your merchandise delivered fast.

Even though our standard shipping method is 2-5 days, generally speaking, many orders, especially those in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Newfoundland, arrive within 1-2 days. Orders in the western part of Canada generally arrive within 4-5 days, depending on where the weekend falls. In certain cases, an order may take longer than 5 days to arrive, however, this happens to only a small percentage of orders.

Holiday & weather delays

During big shopping holidays, delivery delays do happen and this is unfortunately out of our control. To make sure your order arrives on time during a holiday, plan for it to take a few extra days. Bad weather can also delay your shipment, so if you are aware of inclement conditions in your region, please plan accordingly.